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Rats enjoy chocolate – unlike dogs, it won’t hurt them.

Rats love games and are highly curious – as curious as cats.

Rats adore snuggling up in your lap while you watch a movie or read a book.

Rats will “date” a mate and get it on before you even know what’s happening; from meetup to hookup to breakup lasts two seconds. 

Rats can go longer than a camel without water and fall 15 meters without being injured.

In American culture a rat is associated with dishonesty and cunning, but in other cultures, particularly Asian culture, rats are viewed with favorable characteristics like honesty, hard work, intelligence and good luck. They’re not considered dirty or undesirable at all. And actually, rats are very clean.

Rats can sniff out landmines and bombs and identify tuberculosis.

And if you would like to eat them, unfortunately for rats, they’re also very tasty.


Well, rats seem like good friends to me.

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